Welcome at SoulArt by Radka,
I wish to share with you
what my Soul whispers in my ears,
and shows to me in my dreams.
I’m here to evoke & celebrate Harmony,
that exists in the core of everything & everyone…
SoulArt by Radka - I’m an Other You
Dear Friend,

In times of big global changes life can offer a lot of confusion and disorientation. We are forced to adjust over and over again, we can despair. But we can also own. Own our truth, own what we love. Do it. I believe, that now more than ever, we need to show up, we need to dare. Enough of hiding, playing small and doubting ourselves.

For more than 20 years I’ve been following the fire of my heart, spent endless hours alone, painting, never really understanding the use of it for the rest of the world. Only a few years ago I came to the realisation that every little act of manifestation of the love inside our heart, is a contribution to the overall vibration of the world. Any atempt to bring more beauty, harmony, peace or joy is a contribution. Everything has an effect, however small it might seem.
In November 2018 I started my Patreon campaigne where friends & fans can give support and contribute to the grow of a new dimension of my work. Please have a look, read, get an impression and if you feel called, support. Something amazing can be born, and you can help to birth it.
~Thank you~

Radka Tiarksova