Artwork is a calling.
It’s one of these magnetic things that you do because you cannot not do them…


The paintings presented in the Artwork Galleries are the result of 20 years of autodidactive learning, experimenting and evolving. Throughout that time I have been using various materials and techniques, from drawings with pencil, over textile paintings, to aquarelles, pens, chalks and acrylic colours. The freedom to reach for different techniques and materials is one of my priorities.

Artwork - Radka Tiarksova
Painting ‘Joy’
Also the topics vary and change , depending on my personal journey and development . From fantasy,  dream landscapes and surreal worlds of the first years, painted especially with UV colours (see Blacklight Art),  I slowly moved to spiritual & life topics ( see Daylight Art).

Nowdays my work is simply about channeling visions of a better world and a better, awaken human. As everything in our reality starts as an idea, I love to put out there the visions of Eden on Earth.


‘Painting isn’t just putting colours and forms on a canvas. It is bigger than that.
It is an inspiration, a vision, that wants to be expressed through us. It’s letting go of our  self to become one with the painting itself and with the source of the incoming inspiration.
It’s the Universe’s  intention to manifest itself through us…’


You can purchase my Artwork and reproductions in my Etsy Shop