Art on Paper or Minicanvas

Singulars - SoulArt by Radka
In this album are presented older Singulars on Paper or Canvas. They were the teachers that thought me the use of different materials and express my inner joy, playfulness, fun with colours and forms. Most of them belong to the cathegory experimental, as they grew out of themselves without any specific idea that would birth them. Painting in this ‘free style’ way can be exciting and full of surprises and that is what makes them special to me.

By the term Singulars are meant independent paintings that stand by their own, not being a part of a series connected by an overhead topic.

I Allow
The Radiant Self
Noble Heart XVII
Blessing XVII
Embrace Yourself
Be Real You
Purity in Heart’s Garden
Fatima’s World
Flower Friendship
The Call of the Light
In Dream with Phoenix
Souls’ Garden
Innocent Desire
The Blue of the Northern Secrets
The Key from the Bottom of the Sea
A Memory of a Meadow
Heart in Bloom
The Peaceful One
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