Blacklight Art

Blacklight Art - SoulArt by Radka
Nearly everybody gets touched by the power of Blacklight Art. Its becuase its shining colours do something our brains can’t grasp at first. They shine when it is dark. And they shine in beautiful, strong & clear colours.
When first faced with Blacklight Art in 1997 back in Munich, Germany, something in me got touched so strongly, that within a year I became a passionate blacklight painter. Till around 2003 I painted mostly clothes, costumes and face and body paintings. As my fascination, skills and know-how deepened, I started to paint big format fabrics for decorations.

Artist Radika
Over the years 2003-2012 I cooperated with various blacklight artists, creating spaces for celebrations and festivals, ambient and chill areas, healing spaces. As the frequency of blacklight colours is strongly connected to our subconsciousness, and can be perceived as psychedelic, I did my best to paint & create peaceful and safe spaces, and friendly landscapes full of harmony. I wished to give to others what I had been given before, excitement of the imagination and phantasy.

Nowdays my paintings are a part of a decoration team Organic ColourDrops, that can be contacted under that link.

Secret Garden 1 Part to 3
Secret Garden 4 Part to 6

Unfortunately some of these paintings have been stolen over the past years on various events. Some are sold.

The Guardian - Blacklight Art - SoulArt by Radka
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