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Imagine the following scenario:
You have a passion. Your passion is your work…How great, right? And you live it and breath it and it keeps you sane and healthy.
You spent half of your life improving, and your work is reaching more and more people. Then, one day, someone says to you: ‘You should do this. It’s like your work is MADE for this kind of thing.’
You don’t think much about it, but a while later someone else tells you the same. And then another one. You start to think about it, feel around it, and you can see what they see. You consider that it might be something larger actually talking to you through these people.And so you start, first shyly,  meeting your inner insecurities, but with time, the whole new thing kind of takes over, as unstoppable as pregnancy.
You work and work, trying to keep your life running AND creating this extra new thing simultanously, and about a year later you face a sad fact: ‘In this tempo I will need like 10-15 years to fullfill this task!!!’You talk with people about it. You search a way, and you just keep on bumping your head against the same wall: Your day has only 24 hours, and you have 7 a week of these.Then someone comes and asks you: -‘What is it EXACTLY that you need?
-‘Time’, you answer. And you start to consider, calculate, think and overthink all possible ways you could gain some. It  comes out as a clear and square number. –‘I need this to gain the time I need.’
-‘All right’, says the someone, ‘for sure there is a way to do that. But you need to do something you have never done before. You need to ASK for it…’
My Patreon page is the place where I ask. It is the place where I explain. It is the place where I’m an open book, where I show my need and my vulnerability.
To be an artist is not the simplest path, and surely not the most comfortable one. It is a calling that you cannot ignore. If you do you die inside, and who wants that?
And if you’re an artist and you wish to create more & better, you might need some help from those around you. So I am asking, making offerings, having faith… I’m so excited to do that. Every new person coming into the closer circle of supporters is adding to my motivation, is adding to my faith.


You can join me now. You can become a part of it. Small or large contribution, longterm or temporary. That’s up to you. It is simply wonderful when one more accepts the invitation.

Thanks for reading


Mandalas are by definition a schematized representation of the cosmos, chiefly characterized by a concentric configuration of geometric shapes.
It’s also a symbol expressing a person’s striving for unity of the self…

It all makes much sense to me and I feel that while painting mandalas something happens with one…it is a different state than the one I know from painting other paintings and motives, it is more centered, more relaxed.
The geometry and symmetry guides you, helps you and something pretty and stable and in a way magical manifests through your hands. It doesnt matter if you are an experienced painter or not, the guidance allows you to experience the feeling of something lovely and centered coming into life through you.

I believe that the popularity of mandalas in our times connects with our need of coming back to ourselves, slowing down and see what we can create. I think that it’s great, it’s healthy, it’s a great sign of our internal healing.

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