Cards of Alignment

In 2017 I shyly started to work on a big dream of mine, a card deck. I call it Cards of Alignment.
I’ve been given so much help and support on my spiritual journey, and I feel that it is a very natural step to pack it all in one and create a guide, a helpful friend for myself and others, that might be filled with inspiration, reminders, and a different perspective on life.
That is what these cards are  about. In the texts I invite others to take a closer look at their inner reality, their thoughts, emotion and beliefs. I wish to create a playful but straight tool to work with and enjoy, and find inspiratation when needed.

The paintings are packed with symbolism, archetypic, but also personal, and they sometimes take more than one re-paint to feel right. The colours are also chosen consciously to accomodate the frequencies of the messages.

It is neccessary for me to walk this path in little steps, as creating over 50 cards ‘on the side’ is too huge and doesn’t allow all the other projects I need to do for my living.
Sooo….in autumn 2019 a calender will be published with the first 12 of these cards. 6 can be viewed now already, for the other 6, brand new and held unshown you need a little more patience. The calender will include little topic inspirations to give an idea how the cards going to work.

Stay tuned, more coming soon!