Cards of Alignment

In 2017 I arrived to the point of my journey where giving what I was given became more and more important.
That is why I started to create a Card Deck called ‘Cards of Alignment’.
This deck is not just about symbolic messages in paintings, it is also about me finding my voice and writing the texts of those cards, offering perspectives,  ideas and suggestions on how we can face our life challenges from a higher, spiritual point of view. I feel very guided in this beautiful process, and I know that the work will be done in the right moment to be available for healers, truth-seekers, and basically anyone who is ready to open up to inner transformation and growth.
No, I don’t own anyone’s answers, but I do believe that I can offer some support in finding the place in us, where our answers are waiting.

The Original Paintings will not be available for sale till the completion of the whole set. I believe that it is of highest importance to keep the deck together for time being, as it forms a certain kind of organism, where each card is one cell.

However, after I created the first calendar with the card motives last year, I’m happy to announce that the follow up- The Paintings of Alignment II. Calendar 2021 is now availlable. Continuing the journey into various aspects of the spiritual journey, I created 12 further motives, and I hope you will find them equally inspirational.
You can purchase the calendar,  together with other reproductions of the cards in my Etsy Shop