Celestial Bride…coming into being video

Every artist works in very individual – sometimes wierd –  ways. The creative process can be messy, not particularly pretty…
Like any birth, any ‘coming into life’ process, it can turn chaotic, confusing or frustrating.
But it is always fascinating, like a new adventure, a new journey…
As for myself, I’m very impatient when it comes to sketching. I want to see it ‘real’ and so I go pretty straight to the canvas or paper and start. It’s part of my way to go the ‘try & error’ street, and I do so long till the painting in front of me feels fine, harmonic & balanced.

I’m aware that this way can be time consuming and not the smartest, but in that lies the biggest fascination for me.
So…when you watch the video carefully, you might notice some of the ‘errors’ or stepping stones leading to the final results.
I hope you will enjoy and I will be very happy if you share with me your own creative experience.
With love, Radka