Eye Candies

Eye Candies
The Eye Candies Gallery includes examples of ‘paintings on other objects than canvas & paper’, Colours & forms put with love can transform anything and bring colours to life. Creating eye catcher designs that accompany me & other throughout the everyday life brings me a lot of extra joy and allow me to experience my inner playfulness.
Wall Paintings
In the past 2 years I started to paint on the La Gomera beach pebbles (there are plenty!). Their size is mostly just right to fit in a hand, some exceptions created for gardens are bigger.
They are painted with acrylic colours and fixed, and as the fine glittery ending  I use glitter pearls in various sizes and forms. They are not completely immune to extreme weather conditions. I always recommend to give them a protected place.
As a further unfolding I recently have started painting little canvases of the size 10x10cm or 20x20cm. I want to create small harmonic treasures for your altars and sacred places.
I also love to paint designs on flower pots, music instruments and my special passion stands for mural paintings. Probably the largest scale for a painter’s expression. (see cooperations)


Customized work on request  is possible via contact

Flowerpods - SoulArt by Radka